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George "Rusty" Datt

George 'Rusty' Datt in one of his temporal disguises.

George "Rusty" Datt is a member of the super-secret temporal travelers, all of whom refuse to book passage on any commercial airline. Datt, or "Rusty" to those who don't remember his name, has served meals to George H. W. Bush ("Ralph" to his Japanese friends), Cacious Clay (It gave Rusty butterflies to do so, and it really stung when he saw the tip.), Joan of Arc (A barbeque gone awry.) and a whole host of other figures throughout history. There is an unconfirmed rumor that he was responsible for one of the minor Medieval plagues. His economic theories have been taught at the London School of Economics -- until the school found out he wasn't really an economics professor. At present, he resides somewhere in the Northeast and in this space and time awaiting another infusion of trans-chronomic credit. In the meantime, he often eats alone. He can be reached by e-mail at gdatt@zoominternet.net.

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