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 !  The Faerie King, part 2

An Original Comedy Screenplay By

John H. Leeper

** Note - Terms used in spec scripts:
O.S. = Off Screen
V.O. = Voice Over
EST = Establishing Shot
INT = Interior
EXT = Exterior
POV = Point Of View
INSERT = A Camera Shot Usually Focusing On An Object



Rain is pouring down outside an all-night restaurant. Through the picture window, Danny can be seen seated alone in a booth. He is staring blankly at the table in front of him.

Chris walks in and sits down heavily on the seat opposite him.


Chris' hair is matted from being drenched in the downpour, while Danny is dry.

Chris looks at him with hate in her eyes.

I should have just driven off and
left you here. I had to park three
blocks away.

She angrily snatches PAPER NAPKINS from a dispenser in the booth and begins to dab at the water in her hair.

Your grandparents are right about
you. You ARE the devil's child.

(genuinely chagrined)

Chris is both disgusted and angry as she yanks more napkins from the dispenser.

I don't know what kind of
medication you're on, but could
you spare a little, because I
need something right now.

I swear to you, I saw some kind
of creatures in that closet.

Chris stops the drying process for a second and gives him an accusing stare.

Have you ever been diagnosed
with acute schizophrenia?
(resumes daubing)
Damn it! All I wanted tonight was
a cold beer and a good book. Now,
I'm stuck with you. Jesus! When I
leave the Star at night my primary
goal is to avoid psychotics, not
baby sit one.

You could have left me at my
sister's apartment.

Right! And spent the rest of my
life reliving the moment your
grandfather bludgeoned you to
death in front of my eyes.
(tosses down the
damp napkins)
Isn't there some place you can
stay tonight?

The only people I know are my
family and you.

Well, you're not going home with
me. I make a point of never taking
a man back to my apartment who's
crazier than I am; and you
definitely qualify.

Danny hangs his head.

Do you have any money for a hotel?

(shaking his head)
I gave my check to Meg to help
her pay bills.

A WAITRESS walks up to their booth with a pad and pencil.

What can I get for you two?

You can get me a large cup of coffee.
I don't know what Mother Theresa here
wants. Do you have a child's menu?

I don't want anything.

The waitress exits.

I'm really sorry, Chris. Nothing
like this has ever happened to me
before. I don't understand any of
it. I wanted you to have a good
time tonight. I just wanted you
to like me, that's all. Ever
since I came to the Star, you've
been really kind to me. I wanted
us to be friends.
(hangs his head)
I wish there was some way I could
make all of this up to you.

Chris' anger visibly melts away. She hesitates, but then extends a hand and places it on Danny's arm. She tries to brighten the moment.

Okay. Here is what you can do.
You can make my wish come true and
find me a story that gets me out of
the Star and into a REAL newspaper.

There is a TINKLING SOUND, like wind chimes, and Danny shudders as though touched by a sudden chill. He GASPS.

What's the matter now?

Danny looks around bewildered.

I don't know. I felt really
strange for a second.

Chris draws back in fear.

Is this another EPISODE?

Danny feels his forehead and cheeks with his hands.

Maybe I'm coming down with

Okay, then. Why don't I take you
to the hospital and you can spend
the night there? We actually have
good insurance at the Star.

At that moment, the door to the restaurant opens and a man enters shaking water from his umbrella. He looks about furtively and heads down the aisle past Chris and Danny towards the rear dining room of the restaurant.

As he passes their booth, Danny looks up and notices him. Danny stares after the man curiously.

Danny leans towards Chris and speaks softly.

Hey, I know that guy. He's Meg's
boss. I saw him when I took Rene
by her office one day.

Chris turns and glances after the man, disinterested.

Meg's boss chooses a large, isolated booth in the rear dining room. It is horseshoe shaped with tall, padded seats.

He glances on either side of the booth, making sure no one occupies those seats, hangs his coat and umbrella on a hook at the end of the booth and sits down.

Meg told me he lives in Arlington
Heights. What do you suppose he's
doing way over here?

Maybe he loves the cuisine. Who

The waitress brings Chris her coffee, sets it down and leaves.

There is another ringing sound as the restaurant door opens and three sinister fellows enter. Two have distinct NATIVE AMERICAN features. The third is a SLICK LAWYER, oily and vain, flashing lots of gaudy jewelry on his fingers.

The three examine the interior of the restaurant with cold stares. Then, one of the Native Americans, motions with jerk of the head, and they walk towards the dining room.

Chris quickly sips from her coffee cup and pretends not to notice them as they pass by.

Chris leans forward and whispers to Danny.

Did you see those two men? I'll
bet they're with the tribe opening
that new casino. Why would they
be meeting your sister's boss in a
place like this?

Danny looks curiously in their direction as they pass.

Don't stare at them!

Danny cuts his eyes towards Chris. He appears confused.

(continuing; a whisper)
Something's not right about this.
I'm going to get closer and see
if I can hear what they're saying.

The gangsters slip into the distant booth on either side of Meg's boss.

Listen, I think I need to go to
the bathroom and throw a little
water on my face, okay? I still
don't feel so good.

Okay, but hurry up.

Danny exits the booth and heads for the bathroom.

Chris watches him leave and then cautiously glances in the direction of the quartet of collaborators. She gets up and takes a circuitous route towards the dining room.


Chris approaches the booth where the four men are seated but turns away and pretends to look closely at a picture on the wall when the waitress walks over carrying a tray.

What would you fellows like?

The slick lawyer grins at her and snaps a crisp FIFTY DOLLAR BILL between bejeweled fingers.

What we'd like is some privacy.
And you can keep the change.

He drops the bill onto her tray and winks at her.

The waitress exits compliantly.

Chris sees her chance. She crouches low, slips into the booth adjacent to the quartet, slides stealthily to the back of the booth and crouches low in the seat where she can't be noticed.

We shouldn't be seen together.
The grand opening is tomorrow.

Don't worry. I picked this place
at random. We're safe here.

Meg's boss gives the two Native Americans, DAVID LONGTREE and JOHN WHITEFOOT, suspicious looks.

Who are these two?

(grinning; self assured)
I thought it was time for you to
meet our inside men.

The slick lawyer motions first to a tall, handsome man in his early thirties with long, raven hair and impeccable clothes.

This is David Longtree. He's the
treasurer for the tribe.

He then points a manicured finger towards the shorter, more malevolent looking fellow.

This is John Whitefoot. He handles
distribution on tribal lands.

Meg's boss appears shocked by this revelation.

(angry whisper)
He's a drug dealer? What's he
doing here?

He's here because my client, Mr.
Ramirez, trusts him - the way I
trust you.

The slick lawyer runs a reassuring hand over the shoulders of Meg's boss. He grins slyly.

Here is how it works. I do the
legal work.
(nods at Longtree)
He does the numbers. YOU keep the
city and police off our backs.
And HE -
(nods at Whitefoot)
- ties up any loose ends.

It is evident the Meg's boss is disturbed by all of this. He scowls at David Longtree.

What about the tribal council? Do
they suspect anything?

The council knows what I tell them.
I keep the books. We should be
able to launder two mil the first
month without raising an eyebrow.

Huddled in the adjacent booth, Chris hears this and pulls out a reporter's pad and pencil. She hastily scribbles notes.


Danny walks down a narrow hallway that leads to the men's room. He glances up at the sign over the door and pushes against the metal panel causing the door to swing open.

He stops in his track when he sees the doorway leads outside the restaurant and onto a rugged, grassy, boulder-strewn landscape. The scene is bathed in moonlight.

A shocked and speechless Danny is seen silhouetted in the light of the door from the outdoors. The frame appears to be set into a large shelf of granite.

The door closes automatically, and Danny stands in the hallway peering curiously at the men's room sign overhead.

The door swings open and a YOUNG MAN attempts to exit the bathroom, only to find his way barred by Danny.

Danny looks behind the young man and sees a clean, modern bathroom.

Do you mind?

Danny looks again at the overhead sign, completely baffled.

Is this the men's room?

The young man looks at Danny as though he is crazy.

What do you think?

Danny steps aside, his attention on the overhead sign, and lets the fellow pass. The door swings shut behind him.

Danny pushes the door open again only to find the eerie, moonlit landscape on the opposite side.

Not knowing what to make of this, he leans his head forward again. As though some invisible barrier is broken he suddenly hears the lament of an IRISH WHISTLE in the distance.

Danny reaches forward tentatively thinking this is some kind of mirror or false screen; but, no, the door indeed opens onto a rugged meadow.

Danny builds up his courage. A determined look crosses his face, and he steps through the doorway onto the landscape.


The landscape is bleak with scrub grass, rocks and low shrubs.

He turns as the door swings shut and sees the frame is actually fixed into the face of a giant granite boulder.

The sound of the music resumes in the distance. He turns his head, listens intently for a second and begins to follow it.

The trail leads him over a low rise and into a wide clearing. At the center of the clearing is a STONE ALTAR and on that altar lies the LIFELESS BODY of one of the strange species of creatures he saw in Rene's closet.

Danny approaches the altar cautiously, looking in all directions for danger, but he appears to be alone.

The dead creature is very old. It is dressed in ORNATE ROBES.

A voice from the darkness causes him to jump.

Can you see the resemblance, boy?

Out of the darkness walks a short figure swathed in a full-length, ornately trimmed, emerald green DRUID'S ROBE with a hood pulled over his head, masking his face.

Danny watches the creature approach with a mix of terror and curiosity. He moves to keep the stone altar between himself and the dwarfish being.

Who are you?

The Faerie Regent pulls back the hood slowly revealing a horned head and long white hair almost encircling a scaly, bald pate. This thing is ancient, like the body on the altar.

The being eyes Danny with what appears to be curiousity.

I could ask YOU the same thing.

Don't come any closer!

I mean you no harm.

Where am I?

The humans call it Ireland. It is
where we fell to the Earth when HE
banished us from heaven.

(a revelation)
You are one of the faeries - a
fallen angel.

The Faerie Regent scratches his head and scrunches his face into a "maybe so, maybe not" expression.

Well, I didn't fall quite as far as
some I know. Buideach (BWEA-DAHK)
is my name.

The Faerie Regent steps to the edge of the altar and places a hand on the lifeless body of the dead being. There is a great sadness in his face, a tenderness in his touch.

His approach causes Danny to retreat a step in fear, but the Regent pays him no mind.

For the last ten thousand years, I
was Chief Regent to my lord, the
king . . . your father.

Danny is thunderstruck!

My father?

The king had a taste for human women.
(a shrug of indifference)
Call it a quirk.

He raped my mother.

The Faerie Regent appears to ponder this charge.

The king showed favor to a lowly
human women. I'm sure she was
proud to have birthed the son of
a faerie king -
(a condescending tone)
Even a bastard son.

She killed herself because of him.

The Faerie Regent looks genuinely surprised to hear this.

Really? Huh! Humans are very odd
creatures. I always counseled your
father against contact with them.
They are so blind and weak. I never
understood his attraction to them.

The Faerie Regent grows more cheery.

But what is that to us? You belong
to our family now.

Danny's hostility grows and he takes a step towards the altar.

Your family? What do you mean?
You tried to attack me tonight.

Attack you? No. Some of the lads
got a little anxious, that's all.
The truth of it is, the king failed
to mention you until shortly before
his death. I thought little of it.
Matings between faeries and humans
seldom turn out well.
(thinking back)
Though one of the king's bastards
showed a bit of promise - a giant
named Goliath. But some shepherd
boy killed him with a rock, of all
things. Terrible disappointment.

DANNY So, why do you want me?

The king is dead. One of his heirs
must replace him by the law of the
angel bands. But the crown isn't
merely hereditary. There is a test
of power that must be passed. All
the king's legitimate heirs failed.
Then, I thought of you.
(a look of disapproval)
I don't see how you could be the
one though. Not being half human.

Danny steps back from the altar and rubs his face gingerly with the palms of his hands.

This has to be some sort of weird
dream. Somebody's slipped me
drugs or something.
(a look of resolution)
I'm going home.

Danny turns and begins to walk away from the altar.

The Faerie Elder scowls and raises a gnarled, scaly, clawed hand towards him.

Not so fast, boy. You're coming
with me.

Danny is stopped in his tracks. Try as he might, he cannot move his limbs.

The Faerie Elder grins maliciously believing that he has him.

Danny's face twists into a mask of rage and, suddenly, he breaks free and spins to face the Regent.

DANNY His face had made a dramatic transformation. His ears are POINTED. There are broad SCALES across his forehead. His chin is also pointed and his nose sharply ridged. He has in an instant acquired the features of a faerie.

The Faerie Regent is startled by this sudden transformation and drops his guard for an instant.

Danny raises both fists. As though he has been roped from behind by a lariat pulled by a team of runaway horses, the Faerie Elder flies through the air. His back slams hard against a boulder, and he falls to the ground dazed.

Danny, realizing what he has done, uncurls his fingers and stares at his hands in disbelief. His face has returned to its normal HUMAN SHAPE.

Free of the faerie's grasp, he turns and dashes from the clearing at full tilt.

The Faerie Elder GROANS in pain and slowly rises, shaking his head vigorously.

Ugh. That hurt. I must be getting
old to let myself be blindsided by
such a young buck.

The Faerie Regent shakes himself all over like a dog shedding water and slowly returns to the stone altar, where he places a hand on the chest of the dead king.

I warned you, old friend. I told
you to leave those human women
alone or one day you'd birth a
bastard with real power.
(he sighs in resignation)
I only hope he isn't the one. It
won't set well with the lads that
he's half human.
(stares after Danny curiously)
He has your strength all right,
But he can't control it. And one
more thing I felt when he hit me.
Some human has taken a wish from
him. He owes a debt of two more.

Danny runs headlong into the swinging bathroom door that is still fixed into the side of the granite boulder.


The men's room door flies open. Out darts a small black, white and brown RAT TERRIER. Danny is now a dog.

That's funny. This place looks a
lot bigger than I remember it.

He comes to a full-length mirror fixed into the wall, sees his reflection and jumps.

YAH! My god, I'm a dog! I'm a dog!

The frightened terrier spins around several times in the middle of the corridor as though chasing its tail.

What's happening to me? Where's
Chris? She's got to help me.
Chris! Chris! Where are you?

Danny, the Rat Terrier, races towards the dining room.


Chris is still crouched low in the booth beside the gangsters, furiously taking notes in her reporter's pad as Danny, the Rat Terrier, scampers up to her.

Chris looks at the small animal in surprise.

Chris! Chris! It's me, Danny.

Chris only hears a loud YAP! YAP! from the small terrier bouncing excitedly on the floor in front of her booth. Horrified, she makes a face to try and get the animal to hush.

A faerie turned me into a dog!
You've got to help me!

Again, Chris only hears the YAPPING of the excited animal.

Where did that dog come from?

Chris hears the man's muffled voice and knows it is time to run. She slides around to the opposite side of the booth in a panic, hits the floor and heads for the back entrance.

Chris! Where are you going? Wait
for me!

A startled David Longtree peers out from the booth and sees Chris as she makes her escape.

What the hell?


Chris dashes through the restaurant's kitchen to a back exit and darts outside into the alleyway.


It has stopped raining as Chris exits the restaurant and enters an alley.

She looks in both directions in a panic and dashes off to her left away from the street.

Danny, the Rat Terrier, is at her feet, YAPPING loudly.

Go away, you little mutt! Go away!

In the distance, Chris can hear the voice of John Whitefoot.

I hear the dog. You two follow me!

Chris sees three shadowy forms appear in the distance darts into a side alley and runs for her life.

Chris discovers to her horror that a BRICK WALL bars her path.

Danny, the Rat Terrier, is still at her legs barking madly.

(in a panic)
For god's sake, shut up!

She hears the voices of her enemies coming closer.

Down this way.

She desperately tries a metal door, but it is locked.

Chris, realizing she is trapped, is so beside herself with terror she doesn't notice that Danny, the Rat Terrier, has his front paws on her right leg.

God, please get me out of here.

Suddenly, Danny, the Rat Terrier, becomes woozy. He staggers away from Chris.

Oh, what's happening to me? I feel
so weak all of a sudden.

Danny, lies down beside a trash can, exhausted.

Chris, desperate for a hiding place, spies some lumber and cardboard propped against the wall opposite the locked metal door and heads for it. When she looks behind it, she sees a small, wooden door set into the brick wall. It is about four feet tall, like the DOOR ON A CHILD'S PLAYHOUSE.

She grabs the knob in desperation. It opens and she squeezes through the small opening. The door closes behind her.

John Whitefoot and his TWO GOONS come running into the blind alley brandishing pistols.

One goon tries the metal door and finds it locked.

John Whitefoot spies the pile of lumber and cardboard and directs his goons towards the stack.

The men grab the cardboard and lumber, tossing it aside.

The small door through which Chris has made her escape is gone. All they see is a solid brick wall.

John Whitefoot and his thugs look around in disbelief.

One thug spies the Rat Terrier, lying beside a trash can.

Hey, boss, here's the dog.

The thug steps toward Danny and reaches for him.

Seeing the enemy about to nab him, Danny, the Rat Terrier, struggles to his feet, and BARKS loudly.

All three men in the alleyway are suddenly FROZEN IN TIME. Danny, the Rat Terrier, runs between them and heads for the end of the alley.

When he reaches a safe distance, Danny turns and looks back at the weird scene in the alley.

All three men are frozen in place like statues. Goon No. 1 still has his arm extended towards the place where Danny was lying down.

Danny turns and runs away.

The men become animated once again, and the one reaching for Danny is startled to find the dog has disappeared right before his eyes. He looks all around in confusion, tilting aside one of the garbage cans to see if the animal is hiding back there.

Where did the dog go? It was
right here.

Forget the dog. We have to find
that woman. There's no telling
what she overheard.


The door to an old warehouse opens slowly onto a street and Chris sticks her head outside, looking cautiously, first one way and then the other.

She steps outside, gets her bearings and heads in the direction of her car.

(muttering to herself)
God, Danny, I hope you're all right.


Danny, the Rat Terrier, wanders alone. He doesn't feel well.

I feel so weak.

Danny staggers into the entrance of an office building. He crawls into a corner beside the glass door and lies down.

I've got to get some rest. I
can't keep my eyes open.

Danny rests his head upon his paws.

Above Danny is a sign stenciled on the glass doorway. It reads, "THE CHICAGO GAY TIMES."


The newsroom of the Midnight Star is full of odd-looking characters talking on telephones and studying computer monitors.

Publisher Carl Grier is leaning over a desk holding a NOTEBOOK in his hand above a wild-looking young fellow named PARKS who wears a rumpled business suit. His hair stands up in all directions as though he has been zapped with high voltage.

An elevator door opens in the b.g. Wes Hammond steps out with Danny in tow. Wes has Danny's coat sleeve between the thumb and index finger of his left hand. It is as though he is trying to avoid being soiled.

Danny trudges along as though in a trance.

Wes walks past the copy girl to Carl. He is very peeved.

I would appreciate it if your
employees slept in front of YOUR
door and not ours. We prefer a
higher class of vagrant, thank
you very much.

Carl turns, angry over being interrupted.

Who the hell is he? Who the hell
are you?

Wes Hammond. I'm editor of the
Chicago Gay Times. Last night,
Chris told me he worked for you.

Carl leans towards them and gives Danny a close examination.

Oh, yeah. That kid in alien
abductions. You're late. You're
also FIRED!
(to Wes)
Now, he's your problem. Get out
of here, I'm busy.

Carl turns back to Parks while Wes stares open mouthed.

What am I supposed to do with him?

Carl turns again with an angry snarl.

That's not my problem. You found
him, you keep him. And where the
hell IS Ross, anyway. She's
supposed to be tracking down a
bunch of faeries.

Wes gasps in horror.

I'll have you know I find words
like fairy very offensive.

Danny finally stirs to life again and looks at Carl.

I know why they're here.


The faeries.

Wes points at Danny and gives Carl an accusing stare.

See, now he's doing it. That's
how these things get started.

(growling at Danny)
What are you talking about?

Danny sits heavily in a chair to his left and stares glumly at the floor. There is a SECOND CHAIR right beside him.

The King of the Faeries is dead.

Wes again gasps and places his right hand to his chest.

Oh, my god! That's terrible.

The copy girl has approached and is at Wes' shoulder. He turns to her abruptly.

I didn't know we had a king.

Wes immediately turns back to Danny, now very curious.

(as though in a dream)
He was my father.

Wes again snaps his head in the direction of the copy girl.

The King of the Fairies had a
love child!

Wes quickly darts to the chair beside Danny, huddles close to him, and reaches for a NOTEPAD inside his coat.

Do continue.

Hey, this is my story. He works
for me.

You fired him.

I did not!

I beg your pardon. I stood right
there and heard you.

Carl turns angrily to the copy girl.

Did you hear me fire anybody?
Well, did you?

The nervous copy girl drops her papers and stammers.

No - no sir.

Wes is flabbergasted as Carl grins at him triumphantly. He turns quickly to Danny.

I wouldn't work for HIM if I were
you. He's such a big fibber.

You stay out of this.

You can't keep a story this big
to yourself.

Watch me!

You are so selfish.

Wes puts his notepad away and purses his lips at Carl in an extreme pout. Then, he turns his attention back to Danny.

Parks has come over and is at Carl's shoulder.

He doesn't look like a faerie.

Wes glowers at Parks.

What were you expecting? A big
red "F" on this forehead?

I'm only half faerie.

(to the copy girl)
Another Bi.

Carl leans close to Danny. He is very serious now.

So what is it they want?

(a frightened look)
They want me to go with them.

Wes grabs Danny's arm and pats it as though comforting him.

Go all the way. You won't regret it.

The voice of the Faerie Regent is suddenly heard echoing in the distance. No one hears him except for Danny.

It's time for you to come home.

Danny looks up suddenly causing other onlookers to peer about curiously, but, seeing nothing, they turn their attention back to him.

There is a small mirror affixed to a distant wall. Through the glass, Danny sees the face of the Faerie Regent staring somberly at him.

Leave me alone. I'm not one of you.

Wes hastily releases Danny's arm and withdraws in alarm.

There's no reason to be so
belligerent about it.

Danny lunges to his feet and heads for the mirror.

Seeing that something unusual is happening, Carl quickly motions to staffers around him and begins snapping orders.

(to Parks)
Parks, get a tape recorder.
Get a camera and take some shots.
Grab a video camera. Hurry!

The three people hurry away and return one at a time with the tools Carl requested. Others cluster around Danny, who leans on a desk in front of the mirror where he looks with hatred at the Faerie Regent.

While Danny sees the Regent, the crowd only sees Danny's face reflected in the glass.

Go away. I'm not coming with you.

You must come. You must take
the test.

What are you going to do if I say
no? Make me your dog again?

Wes is aghast. He stands close to Danny on the right.

Oh, my god. They did that to you?
(a confidential whisper)
Were you a bitch?

You did that, not me. Your
powers are growing, but you can't
control them. You need us.

Danny stares into his own reflection in the mirror as the crowd of people watch. He is agitated to the point of being enraged at the Faerie Regent.

When I was all alone, where were
any of you?

Wes gives him a sympathetic look and shakes his head in pity.

Society can be so cruel to young

(rising rage)
Can you blame us? You ARE half
human. Why would we have any love
for this prison you call Earth?
HE exiled us here with these blind,
vain, pitiful creatures. I don't
even know why he made these humans.
They live such short, pointless
lives. They never seem to learn
from one age to another. He
has forgotten us all - faerie and
human alike.

Danny is again staring at his own reflection in the glass.

YOU should sleep with Chris. You
sound as negative as she does.

Wes wrinkles his nose in disgust.

Oh, my god, that woman is a siren
for gay men everywhere.
(in frustration)
Would someone mind telling me
exactly what's happening here?

Looks like your basic demonic

Really? You know, I once had a
boyfriend who sounded a lot like
this. I always suspected he was
in league with the devil.

Danny appears to get a splitting headache. He grabs his head with both hands, lowers his face almost to the desktop in front of him and GROANS in pain.

When he rises again, the reflection in the small mirror has changed radically. This is Danny's true faerie self. He has a pointed chin and ears, greenish skin, thick scales on his forehead with a sharply receding hairline and small horns protruding around his skull.

The crowd can see this reflection in the glass.

Shocked, Wes turns to Danny and sees a normal human face. He then brings his face close to the mirror and studies the faerie likeness, utterly bewildered.

Wes stands slowly and points towards the mirror, mouth open.

Metamorphosis. Happens all the

(in awe)
Not in my world.

The elevator door opens and a haggard Chris enters.

She stops in her tracks and gives the crowd of humanity clustered around Danny near the distant wall mirror a puzzled look. She cannot see his faerie reflection in the glass.

She walks towards them. Everyone is oblivious to her.

Danny, I'm glad you're all right.
Carl, you'll never believe what
I've found out. You know that big
Native American casino that opens
today? They have a guy in the
gaming commission who's on the take
and the place will be used to launder
money for a Columbian drug cartel.

Carl doesn't look up. He isn't remotely interested in what she's saying.

You don't say?

Chris can't believe her news is being ignored.

Do you understand what I just said,
Carl? This could be the biggest
story to hit Chicago in years.

There is sarcasm in Carl's tone of voice.

Chicago politicians in the pockets
of gangsters? Yeah. That's big
news all right.
(points to Danny emphatically)
Here is your story, Ross. This kid
is half human and half faerie.

Chris stares first at Carl and then Danny still not seeing the mirror from her angle.

Carl, you need to focus here. I'm
talking about a REAL news story.

Carl finally straightens and looks at Chris disdainfully.

No, THIS is the story, Ross. I
thought you had the nose to be a
real reporter. Guess I was wrong.

(to Carl)
Oh, she was the same way when she
worked for us. Couldn't see the
forest for the trees.

Chris looks at them open mouthed.

Wes, why are you here? And what is
wrong with you? Danny's delusional.

Danny snaps his head around, his face suddenly stern.

Delusional? That's what you REALLY
think of me?

Let's think about it, Danny. You
claim you're seeing leprechauns.
(looks up at the ceiling
with the dumb expression
of a Valley Girl)
Uh, yeah. That probably qualifies.

Danny turns from the mirror and walks resolutely towards an open part of the room away from Chris. The entire cluster of Midnight Star humanity follow him clicking pictures, video taping his every movement and tape recording his words. No one even looks towards Chris.

Danny stops. He turns his head and studies Chris's face. When he speaks, there is a measure of disdain in his voice.

The Regent was right. Humans are
blind. Who saved you last night
in that alley? Who granted your
wish - the BIG news story you
always wanted so desperately?

What are you talking about?

(stares into space)
I understand now. You touched a
faerie and made two wishes. And I
granted both of them.

Chris is utterly confused by all of this.

Danny, we were at the restaurant
last night. Remember? You went to
the bathroom and disappeared.

No, I was with you all the time.

Consternation is written on Chris' face.

I was that little dog at your feet.

Chris stares at him, dumbfounded.

(turning to Chris)
They made him their bitch.

(amazed; muttering)
What a story.

Cameras and microphones are still aimed at Danny as the crowd hangs on his every word.

Chris, however, looks at Danny as though he has absolutely lost his mind.

Let me get this straight. You're
telling me that little dog was you?

Danny nods with a poker face expression.

And - you granted me two wishes
because you are also what? Some
kind of a faerie from Ireland?

Danny nods again.

Danny, there is only one fairy in
here. That's Wes. You're in need
of serious therapy.

Chris looks helplessly at the crowd of onlookers. Her voice demonstrates how frustrated she is with all of this.

Does anyone here understand a word
I've said?

No one in the crowd of people looks in Chris's direction. The room is silent. Suddenly, a camera shutter CLICKS loudly. It is focused on Danny.

Chris bows her head in sorrow and rubs her forehead.

What was I thinking? This IS the
Midnight Star.

Behind Chris, the door to the elevator opens again. Out steps Meg, and she is obviously troubled. She hurries towards Chris and Danny.

Chris. Danny. I'm so glad I found
you. Rene is missing and so are
my grandparents.

Chris turns in surprise.

(to Chris)
They took her to school. But the
counselor called and said they never
showed up. No one's seen them.

Chris looks in alarm at Danny who seems amazingly unperturbed by this revelation.

(to Meg)
I know a guy on the police force.
Maybe we should go see him. We
can take my car.

Chris leads the distraught Meg back to the elevator until the latter stops and turns towards Danny.

Danny, aren't you coming? It's
Rene. She could be in trouble.

Huh? Oh, Rene - yeah sure.

He walks after them and, as he does, makes an unconscious gesture with his left hand, a sweeping motion. Suddenly, the crowd pursuing him like paparazzi stops in its tracks. It is as though the people have struck some kind of low, invisible fence.

As soon as Danny steps into the elevator with Chris and Meg, the doors close.

The crowd of Midnight Star workers and Wes can be seen looking down at a thick rope that has appeared from nowhere and is strung from one wall to another at about thigh level. That is what prevented them from following Danny.

Wes, who is standing beside Parks, puts an arm around the wild-haired fellow's shoulders.

I have to admit, this place is
SO much more interesting than
where I work.

Wes suddenly notices Parks' hair and begins picking at it with his fingers.

I'll bet I could do great things
with that hair.


Chris drives her compact car through the Chicago steets. Danny sits in the front seat staring at the exterior rear-view mirror with the window rolled down. Meg is crammed into the back seat.

Meg leans forward. There is DESPERATION in her eyes.

You say my boss, Bob Eller, is
involved? But how would they know
about Rene and me? I never met you
before yesterday.

Danny stirs, but doesn't take his eyes off the mirror.

I eat there a lot. The waitress
knows me.

(glaring at him)
Dammit. Why do you have to be so
friendly with everybody? Why can't
you be surly, like normal people?

Meg buries her face in her hands, tunes up and begins to cry.

You're right. You can be too
friendly. What does that get you?

Danny turns back to the rear view mirror and adjusts it. The face staring back at him is that of the Faerie Regent. The Regent's mouth moves but no sound is heard. Danny, however, seems to nod in agreement, entranced by the image.

They throw you out. Forget you
were ever a part of their world.
You live and you die in a foreign
place, and no one cares. You're
just worthless junk. <

Meg begins sobbing uncontrollably in the back seat.

Chris turns abruptly towards Danny, thinking he is talking about himself and not the faeries.

Now is NOT the time for you to
start feeling sorry for yourself.
I saw you and Rene last night.
She loves you, and she could be
in real trouble right now.

Danny ponders this for a few second watching the Faerie Regent's face in the mirror. Then, as though a spell has been broken, he flips the mirror aside, closes his eyes tightly and shakes his head.

Sorry. You're right.

Meg stirs to life and leans towards Chris.

We have to go to the police.
Tell them everything.

If she is in the hands of these
people and we bring the police
into it, they'd have no reason to
keep her alive.
(to Chris)
My guess is they want to talk.

Chris glances at him nervously. The look in her eyes says that she understands he is probably right about this.

(to Danny)
So, what do we do?

We leave Meg somewhere safe with
all your notes and we go talk.

Chris eyes him with great trepidation.


There is a sign across the front of a new casino that reads "Grand Opening - Casino Pequot" People are pouring into the place. A large tour bus is parked at the entrance.


The lobby of the casino is filled with people playing one-armed bandits. All around are Native Americans dressed in traditional costumes, manning tables and directing the activities.

Chris and Danny enter from the street, stop in the center of the lobby and look around.

Danny turns to Chris and extends a hand.

Give me all your money.

(caught off guard)

I don't have any money.

You want to gamble? I thought we
came here to find your niece.

Danny holds his hand out in a no-nonsense gesture that he wants her money.

Reluctantly, Chris digs into a pocket and pulls out her wallet. She counts out bills into his hand.

(continuing; sullen)
All I have is forty-seven dollars.

That will be enough.
(flashing a grin)
I have a plan. Trust me. I'm
feeling lucky.

Danny strides right over to a passing Native American girl dressed in a skimpy buckskin outfit and exchanges the bills for some chips.

Chris stares at him doubtfully as he heads for the roulette table.

Yeah? The last time a guy said
that to me he did get lucky, and
I got screwed.
In more ways than one.

Place your bets.

Danny sits at the table and plops all of the chips down on the black, number ten.

The wheel rolls around and around and finally the white marble hits the black ten.

Black ten. We have a winner.

A stack of chips is shoved in front of Danny who turns to Chris curiously.

What do you think the chances are
of me hitting that same number
twice in a row?

Place your bets, ladies and

Chris starts to open her mouth but doesn't know what to say in response.

Aw, what the hell. Let's take a
(to the Roulette Dealer)
Let it all ride!

The wheel is rolled again. Around and around the white marble goes. Finally, it lands again on the number black ten and there is a spontaneous eruption of emotion from the crowd.

Black ten again.

Danny smiles broadly as he collects another stack of chips.

How do you like that? Lightening
can strike twice in the same place.

Danny drops a number of white chips into Chris's hand.

Here's the money you loaned me with
a little interest, and enough to buy
us a couple of drinks.

Chris edges closer to him and whispers furtively.

What about Rene?

Rene isn't here. I looked around.

What are you talking about? When
did you look around? You've been
with me every second.

Right. Every second. But not
BETWEEN the seconds.

Place your bets, ladies and

Danny places all of his chips on red seven and the wheel begins to spin.

A dark realization dawns upon Chris.

Oh, god. You DO think you're a

A faerie. Leprechauns are myths.
Under the bar on the upper floor,
there is a bottle of very special
Irish whiskey. O'Donnell's. The
only bottle of its kind in the place.
Would you go up there and get me a
double, please? Tell the bartender
it got mixed in with the rum.

Chris shakes her head in resignation.

Sure. Why not? I'm being chased
by drug lords and I'm counting on
help from a guy who thinks he's
one of Santa's elves. I could use
a drink right now.

That's the spirit, Chris.

Chris exits and Danny turns back to the roulette table.


Chris is standing in line at the bar upstairs. There is a large crowd in front of her, and from the way she glances about the room and down at her watch, it is obvious she has been there for quite some time.

Behind the bar is a middle-aged bartender dressed in a full Native American headdress. He is mixing drinks for customers.

Finally, Chris shoulders her way past a fat, middle-aged man and leans over the bar.

(loudly over the noise)
Do you have an Irish whiskey called

Never heard of it.

I didn't think so. My friend said
it was under your bar somewhere.
He said it got mixed in with the
rum. I don't know why he thinks

Well, let me take a look.

The bartender fishes around under the bar and suddenly produces the whiskey bottle.

Hey. Here it is. He was right.
Someone stuck it in the wrong

Chris stares at the bottle in wonder.

So what do you want?

(jarred from her reverie)
Huh? Oh, a double. And give me
a Marguerite.

For the life of her, Chris cannot understand how Danny would have known this.


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Irish mythology says there were once three bands of angels. Following a war in heaven, one group fell into hell and became demons. Another, not good enough to stay in heaven nor bad enough to become demons, were banished to Earth and became "The Faerie Host." These angels could take human women as lovers, and their offspring sometimes had magic powers.

Danny (Murphy) Giovanetti, a copywriter for "The Midnight Star," a newsstand tabloid of the absurd, doesn't know it, but he is half human and half faerie. In fact, his father was the most powerful faerie of all: the king of the third angel band.

While Danny is writing testimonials about alien abductions and his friend Christine Ross is dreaming of a big story that will get her hired by a "real" newspaper, an event of monumental proportions has occurred. Danny's biological father, the faerie king, has died, and his offspring are searching for his replacement. Succession isn't merely hereditary. A test of power is involved, and all of the king's legitimate heirs have failed it. So, the faeries come for Danny, whose life is suddenly turned upside down by their attempts to capture him.

As human friends and family members come to the conclusion that Danny is losing his mind, his powers of magic begin to emerge. By accident he grants his friend Chris her dearest wish, the biggest story to hit Chicago in decades. A drug cartel is using a local casino to launder money and both police and government officials are involved.

Realizing millions of dollars are at stake, a Columbian drug lord sends his henchmen to deal with the threat to his plans and, inadvertently, triggers the ultimate transformation in Danny from human to faerie. Danny is, indeed, the faerie king, the most powerful of his kind, and, like all faeries he can be both angelic and demonic in behavior.

A climatic battle pits supernatural power against bullets, the drug lord and his accomplices against Danny and the faeries. Danny ascends to the golden throne of the Faerie Host and faces the emissaries of the other two angel bands. At that meeting the ultimate purpose of human existence is revealed. Chris sees the biggest story of all time unfold in front of her eyes, but, unfortunately, she will not be permitted to write it. The Faerie King is more than an action comedy. It is a sweeping tale that addresses eternal issues such as hope, love, family ties and the struggle between good and evil.

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