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A work is progress

Our big blue eye watches over us.

Tall Tales To Go is a work in progress. Not all the links work as of September 2004. The staff working on this site is small in number, limited in time, and learning as they go along. The basic structure of the site is the Main (Home) page and three "legs" of Fiction and More, Fan Fiction, and Miscellany. Beneath those are the individual pages devoted to short stories or a fan fiction script divided into several or more sections. Once you enter the world of that story or play or essay, you can navigate to other parts of the that work if it has multiple parts. However, to go to different work, you will need to return to the Fiction and More, Fan Fiction, or Miscellany page. You can jump from one section to another, and once in that new section you can navigate down into something of interest in that section.

To repeate a word of warning: this site is not yet complete. The staff is small in number, limited in time, and learning as the go along. Questions or comments are welcome. You can e-mail the webmaster.

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