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Our big blue eye watches over us

Our big blue eye watches over us.

Privacy? Yeah, we believe in privacy. That's why we're not sure we have much more to say about it. However, we will say this: the works presented in this site belong to the writers who have labored over them. The poet T.S. Eliot was reported to have said, "Bad poets mimic; good poets copy; great poets steal." And if you've ever read an annotated copy of "The Wasteland," you might just see what he "stole."

However, as far as we know, none of the stories, essays, poems, scripts, or other writings are "stolen" from somewhere else. If you see something that is, please let us know. By the same token, please respect the work and privacy of the writers who appear on this site. Please feel free to contact them. Communication is good. Confiscation of their works and calling it your own is not. We have tried to provide an e-mail address for every writer who appears on this site. Thank you for your time.

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