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O’ this Problematic

O’ this problematic / of all that is quite antic / stands in ways dramatic / at the lover’s front door. /   But it would be most ecstatic / and even a touch fantastic / to touch your life elastic / once upon a time once more. /   Though time be a bit […]

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The 10 Best John Ashbery Poems

Picked by Karin Roffman, author of ‘The Songs We Know Best: John Ashbery’s Early Life.’ Source: The 10 Best John Ashbery Poems By Karin Roffman John Ashbery, who turns 90 next month, published Commotion of the Birds, his 28th volume of poetry, last October. Choosing the 10 “best” volumes from this vast and remarkable oeuvre […]

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Poet: Why I would never tell a student what a poem means – The Washington Post

Poet: Why I would never tell a student what a poem means Source: Poet: Why I would never tell a student what a poem means – The Washington Post Sara Holbrook, the author of books of poetry for children, teens and adults, as well as professional books for teachers, wrote a piece on this blog […]

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Oh, Mom

[Editor’s note: inspired by a neighbor’s actual event, as reported on Facebook. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers reading this.] Oh, Mom, I did it again, like when I was ten And then, in the middle of the night In panic and fright I committed the sin Of turning your bedding off-white. Oh, Mom, […]

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Photo finish Friday: “Air apparent”

The blue fedora Try as he might; try as he will it became apparent there was nothing for him still. He worked to the bone and then he worked beyond. When one day somebody asked he was already gone. Air apparent to a world that had passed him by. With his blue fedora he took […]

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A bit of old news: “Poetry and politics don’t mix”

For S.C.’s Poet Laureate, An Inauguration Poem Without An Inaugural Audience by LAURA SULLIVAN Source: South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley starts her second term today. But absent from the inaugural ceremony will be a long-standing tradition: a poem read by the state’s poet laureate. State officials say they cut the two-minute poem for time, […]

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Limerick: “Lear-ing”

Lear-ing There once was a man named Lear / who wrote in verse to make it clear / that no matter what you say / if you say it the right way / even the sincere can come out with a leer. [Editor’s note: This limerick is in honor of National Limerick Day, which was […]

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Haiku to you Thursday: “crumbles”

birthday cake crumbles / in front of tomorrow’s wind / wicks, words, wrappings slump

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Silly Saturday: “Santa’s Setback”

This is a note to tell you that Wall Street has taken away the things I really needed: my workshop, my reindeer, my sleigh. I now make my rounds on a jackass; he’s old and crippled and slow. So, if you don’t see me come Christmas, I’ll be out on my ass in the snow.

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The garden wall leans. The wind rattles old vines as the cold chains my heart.

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