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Lift and Separate

From the department of I’m not sure what to think: Women can now get Botox for their breasts. According to this web site Top News (how appropriately named) and others, injections of Botox can be administered to the muscles around the breast that lift and firm the breasts. According to reports, the injections don’t leave […]

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You have your book written — what now?

If anyone is interested in publishing a book — fiction or nonfiction — we have a great workshop this Saturday. Chris Hebert is an acquisitions editor at the University of Michigan Press. He’s the guy at the receiving end of author query letters and can provide invaluable advice on what works and what doesn’t. He […]

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Guest Blogger Mark Twain on Words to be Wary of

“Substitute ‘damn’ every time you’re inclined to write ‘very;’ your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.” —Mark Twain Unfortunately, there are fewer editors around these days, the victims of corporate downsizing many of them, so you will probably have to do this yourself, but it might just […]

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Words to be Wary of

In an effort to help those who may have been hit by the onslaught of marketing slurry that passes through the English language, every now and then, I will post some words or phrases that are absurd, unless you are in marketing, sales, or some other line of work where junking up the language is […]

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The almost Eight year old Philosopher

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From the Government Department of Hypocracy Department

NASHVILLE, TN — In March 2011, the Tennessee state legislature passed the “Health Care Freedom Act,” in essence saying Tennesseans didn’t have to follow the federal health care bill passed the previous year. In short, they were saying our state can be different than other states. In May 2011, this same legislature passed HB600, the […]

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The blathering idiot — if money were no object

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Don’t touch those “bath salts”

NASHVILLE, TN. In an effort to curtail drug crime in Tennessee, on April 18, 2011, the Tennessee state Senate unanimously approved a bill prohibiting the possession or sale of methcathinone, presently sold legally as “balt salts” or sometimes “Molly Plant Food.” Law enforcement says abuse of this psychoactive stimulant, which is considered addictive, is on […]

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